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30 07, 2018

Financial Maths

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Financial Maths Go to the Financial Maths Forum to see more questions or ask your own Topics Covered in Financial Maths Continuous Probability Distributions Normal Distribution Standard Normal Distribution Formulas used in Financial Maths  $$y=mx+b$$ $$m=\frac{rise}{run}$$ b = y-intercept [...]

10 08, 2015

Challenging Series

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Exam Style Questions In an Arithmetic Progression, whose first term and common difference are both non-zero, Un denotes the nth term and Sn denotes the sum of n terms. If U6, U4 and U10 form a Geometric Progression: i. Show that S10 = 0 ii. Show that S6 + S12 =0 iii. Show [...]

10 08, 2015


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Finance Compound Interest When one single amount is deposited one single time and interest is compounded on that amount. Superannuation When money is put in on a regular basis - such as a superannuation fund. Loan Payments Usually when a loan (reducible) is taken out. This can also [...]