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11 02, 2017

Complex Proofs

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Complex Proofs $$z\in C$$ such that $$\frac{z}{z-i}$$ is real. Show that z is imaginary. Let $$\frac{z}{z-i}=a$$, where a is real. Then $$z=a(z-i)$$ $$z=az-ai$$ $$ai=az-z$$ $$ai=z(a-1)$$ so $$z=\frac{ai}{a-1}$$ $$z=\frac{a}{a-1}i$$ Since a is real, then $$\frac{a}{a-1}$$ is real, and hence $$\frac{a}{a-1}i$$ is imaginary thus z is imaginary     [...]

2 01, 2017

Dividing Complex Numbers

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Dividing Complex Numbers $$\overline{a+ib}=a-ib$$ worked examples Simplify (7 + 2i) ÷(3 + 3i). $$=\frac{{7 + 2i}}{{3 + 3i}}$$ rewrite in fraction form to make it simpler to see and work with $$=\frac{{7 + 2i}}{{3 + 3i}} \times \frac{{3 - 3i}}{{3 - 3i}}$$ multiply by the conjugate of the denominator [...]

1 01, 2017

Complex Numbers

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Complex Numbers $$z=a + bi$$ Go to the Complex Numbers forum to see more questions or ask your own Topics Covered in Complex Numbers Operations on Complex Numbers Division Of Complex Numbers Conjugate Proofs Complex Conjugate Roots Theorem Argand Diagrams Operations [...]

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