Maths Made Easy is tailored specifically for NSW syllabus and students and offers an affordable alternative to private tuition. It reflects the current syllabus and does not cover maths that is not included in that syllabus, making it the perfect resource for NSW students.

Searching the net can be both exhausting and intimidating, overwhelmed by solutions and options that are often out of the scope of what you are looking for.

math.net.au has been designed to avoid the confusion of multiple search results, focusing only on topics necessary for the coursework, and at the appropriate levels for that coursework.

It is also a valuable resource for parents who are trying to help their children, offering a safe space for learning with no inappropriate advertising materials.

All subscriptions enable full access to all areas of the site, which include all the resource pages, online calculators, worked examples, and lists of formulas, organised by subjects which can be used to model solutions and self learning.

Subscriptions also enable access to the homework forums, where students can ask their own questions and view fully worked solutions to assist in their understanding.

There are currently nearly 900 resources available for students, with more coming every day and students can make requests for additional resources


  • Minimum Term: 1 week
    Total Cost: $15
  • Perfect for casual and ’emergency’ help with upcoming exams, with no ongoing commitment

Best Value

  • Minimum Term: 10 weeks
    Total Cost: $100
  • Need longer term help? This plan offers the best value and is the most popular option. It will see you through the entire semester. An excellent alternative to expensive private tuition, while still giving students access to tailored help and support.


  • Minimum Term: 5 weeks
    Total Cost: $62.50
  • Great option when prepping for the big upcoming exams, or need a little extra help with certain topics

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