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    Sydney is 10 hours ahead of UTC and New York 5 hours west of UTC. When it is 7pm on Monday in New York, what day and time is it in Sydney?

    since the east and west is opposite, we add them 110 + 5 = 15 hours

    Sydney is ahead of New York since Sydney is east of it, so we count forward from 7pm Monday by 15 hours

    12 hours ahead would be 7am Tuesday, then 3 more hours would be

    10am Tuesday

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    On Monday at 2:00 pm local time in Sydney (+10h), an email is sent to Rio de Janeiro (-3h). At what local time in Rio de Janeiro should the email arrive? You may assume that the email arrives instantly.

    Sydney is 10 hours ahead of  UTC and Rio is 3 hours behind UTC

    10 + 3 = 13

    so there is a 13 hour time difference.

    We have to count backwards from 2pm by 13 hours which makes it 1am in Rio

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