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In a particular state it was decided that post-primary schools and colleges with 360 students should have 30 teachers and that this ratio should be used for every school. The principal of a school wanted to find whether to 28 teachers was the correct number for 492 students or whether more teachers would be needed.
a. Calculate the preferred ratio of teachers to students.
b. How many more teachers are needed to meet this new ratio?
c. Another school has 288 students and 26 teachers. What staff changes would be needed to bring this school to the correct ratio?

a. 360:30
= 12:1

b. 492 ÷ 12 = 41, so would need an 41 – 28
= 13

c. 288 ÷ 12 = 24
need 24 teachers, so need to remove two teachers


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