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Maths Made Easy Forum Conduct Rules For Members

Rules of the Forums

  • Be respectful of other members
    – Any member making inappropriate comments or mocking other members will lose their posting priviledges

  • No profanity or inappropriate comments
    – This is a site that is safe for minors. Any student posting bad language or inappropriate comments will lose their posting privildges

  • Post questions in appropriate areas
    – questions incorrectly posted will be deleted – unless there is some ambiguity about the topic or it covers multiple topics. As a general guideline, think about what chapter you would find it in.

  • ONE question per post
    – If a single question has multiple parts, that is considered as a single question. However independent multiple questions will not be answered, only the first question in each post will be. This is to keep things organised and easier for searching. This policy is not negotiable. 

  • Do not ‘bump’ posts.
    – We will get to them as quickly as possible. All member’s questions are important and if you try to ‘jump the queue’, the question will be deleted.

  • Do not abuse the admins or other members
    – Any derogatory remarks about admins will lead to membership cancellation. This is a place for help and support. If there is a mistake or typo, please feel free to point it out. We try hard to make this error free, but sometimes some slip through.

  • Delayed responses
    – If you have a question that has taken longer than a reasonable time, please feel free to contact us on our Facebook page to let us know one might have slipped through the cracks: www.facebook.com/math.net.au/  we will not answer maths questions on this page (there is just no way to input maths in Facebook successfully), but can address other concerns

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