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Maths Made easy at www.math.net.au is full of resources designed specifically for the NSW syllabus as it currently stands. The idea is to offer students with worked examples and explanations of how questions need to be answered in plain English so that they can apply what they see here to their own questions.

If further help is needed, then there is a forum where students can ask their own questions and receive fully worked solutions, as well as look at previous questions other students have asked.

We hope it is an attractive alternative to paying for a tutor, while still offering students all the help they need to improve their maths skills and knowledge, and increase their performance in exams.

Welcome to Maths Made Easy. We hope that you find this a useful site to have your questions answered. This site will be as flexible as possible, although like anything, there will be some basic rules and guidelines for how it will operate.

The most important rule of all is please respect all members. This is a safe place for people to ask for help. Everybody has a different skill level and ridicule of another member will not be tolerated in any form whatsoever, even as a light hearted joke. Any member that makes fun of another will have their membership revoked immediately. Any member that feels discriminated against or unfairly treated, please report it to the management so that the appropriate steps can be taken. Please, let us keep this an open and friendly site where people can come and have their questions answered and get the help they need.

Keep your language civil please. This site will be catering for many young members, so swearing, sexual innuendos or comments, lewd comments or abusive or violent messages will promptly be removed.

The Management would also ask that you try to keep your language in English. To make it easier on everyone, especially the administrators who will be interpreting your questions, please try to use proper English and not SMS code. This is a place of education.

Please try and post your questions in the appropriate places. Questions posted in the wrong areas will either be moved or deleted. In order to make the site not too difficult to navigate around, please try to keep them where they belong.

Please only ask one question per post, if you post more than one question (this does not mean you have to split a multi-part question), then only the first will be answered, the rest ignored.

Questions, requests and comments are welcomed and the Management is contactable via the Contact Form.

The forum works in a relatively simple manner, type your question in, and then wait for a response. Usually within 24 hours there should be a complete worked solution that will hopefully clear up the problem. If that is not enough, then just ask again for clarification. The clearer you are in describing your difficulty, the more likely it will be able to be resolved quickly.

The one question per post rule will be enforced strictly. This is to keep organisation and navigation as simple as possible as well as keeping topics separated and clearly grouped.
This site is for students of Maths Made Easy and subscribed members only. If you would like to make an enquiry about obtaining a subscription, please use the Contact Form.
Yes, there are two ways you can have a notification of a reply sent to you. At the top of the topic, you should see an option Subscribe. If you click that, it will ask you if you want to be notified of replies to this topic. If you choose yes, a notification will be emailed to you of a reply.
The second option is in the message window. You should see Notify me of follow-up replies via email checkbox.
The notification emails will be sent to the email address provided at registration.

You can use the unsubscribe options if you no longer require notifications

If you have posted in an inappropriate category, then the post will be moved into the appropriate one. As the forum grows, it will become increasingly difficult to track down questions if they are not in the right places.
In the interest of keeping navigation and search as easy as possible, once a question has been answered, the original question will be deleted to avoid cluttering up the boards.
Messages with any inappropriate material or language will also be deleted.
Questions that are repetitive will also be removed without being answered.
Yes, you can upload a scanned image or a photo of your question. At the bottom of the posting window is an option to upload a file as an attachment, you can use this to add your scan or photo, and please don’t forget to include in the message which particular question you need help with if there is more than one on the page. Also, if you can include the source, such as a textbook, it can be helpful and lead to a quicker response time.

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