table  a way to display data in rows and columns
tan  trig ratio tan θ = opp/adj

tan graph in degresstangraph-rad
tangent a line that touches a circle or curve at only one point
taxable income income that tax is calculated on. Gross income subtracted by allowable deductions
term the name of a part of an algebraic expression. 2x + 4 has two terms, 2x and 4
terminating decimal a decimal that can be expressed exactly to a finite number of decimal places
tessellation a repeating pattern of figures that completely covers a plane without gaps or overlap
tetrahedron four sided solid such as a triangular pyramid

theta Greek letter often used to represent unknown angles. Capital theta, Θ is rarely used, but small theta, θ is used commonly in maths
tonne a metric unit of weight. One tonne equals 1000 kg
torus a 3d shape like the shape of a doughnut

total sum
transformation when a change is made to a shape to move or make a new shape:translate, reflect, rotate, enlarge
translation transformation of sliding a shape
transpose to replace
transversal a line that crosses two or more lines
trapeziod a quadrilateral where no sides are equal
trapeziodal rule used to find an approximate area under a curve A ≈ h/2{f(a) + f(b) + 2(sum of the function of all the other ordinates)}
trapezium quadrilateral with one pair of opposite sides parallel . The area of a trapezium is given by:   A = h/2(a + b), where a and b are the two parallel sides and h is the perpendicular distance between them. If the two non-parallel sides are equal, then it is an isosceles trapezium

travel graph a straight line graph used to show distance travelled. Time is displayed on the horizontal axis, and distance from a certain point on the vertical axis. A horizontal line on a travel graph means that they are stopped, not travelling.
tree diagram a diagram to display the probabilities and outcomes of an event

trial and error guess and check method. Basically you make a guess at an answer, check to see if it is right, then try again until you get the correct answer
triangle 3 sided figure. Area = 1/2bh    

triangle inequality the lenghts of two sides of the triangle must sum to be greater than the third side.
triangular numbers 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, ….
triangular prism prism with a triangular base, looking like a tent. It has five faces, six vertices and 9 edges

triangular pyramid pyramid with a triangular base. It has four faces, four vertices and six edges

trig abbreviated form of trigonometry
trigonometry area of study dealing with relationships between angles and side lengths
trinomial any algebraic expression with three terms
truncated to be shortened or ‘chopped off’. A truncated decimal is a rounded decimal. The diagram shows a truncated cone.

turning point the point of a curve where the tangent to the curve at that point is horizontal. Turning points are found by setting dy/dx = 0

twice to multiply by two, to double

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