I Roman Numeral for 1
included angle the angle between two given sides. Theta is the the included angle between side a and side c

independent variable variable plotted on the horizontal axis and is manipulated to see what effects it causes in the dependent variable, plotted on the vertical axis. x is usually the independent variable, y is the dependent.
inequality expression that states one quantity is greater than, greater than or equal to, less then or less than or equal to another quantity

x > y   x is greater than y              x ≥ y    x is greater than or equal to y

x < y    x is less than y                   x ≤ y     x is less than or equal to y
infinity ∞, the symbol to represent a number with no end, the largest number you can have
integer a whole number
interval a section of a line
initial at the beginning, t = 0
irrational number a number that cannot be expresses as a whole number, a fraction, a finite or recurring decimal. Some examples of irrational numbers:  π, ℮, √2, √8
irregular polygon any polygon with sides that are not all equal
isosceles trapezium trapezium with its non-parallel sides equal

isosceles triangle triangle with two equal sides and two equal base angles


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