bar graph graph displaying information using bars
base the bottom of something
bearing measuring the angle clockwise from north.

bearingsThis would be a bearing of 160°bearing160
beta β Greek letter for b, commonly used to indicate unknown angles
billion 1 000 000 000  or 1000 million
bi prefix for 2.
bimodal distribution with two modes
binomial a polynomial with two terms (that are not like terms). eg: 2x + 1, 4s2 – 5b
binomial expansion expansion with two sets of brackets. eg: (x + 1)(x – 3)
binomial probability nCr pr (1 – p)n – r   where n is the number of trials, r is the number of successes, p is the probability of that event
binomial theorem (a + b)n = nC0an + nC1an- 1 b + nC2an – 2 b2 + nC3an – 3 b3 +…… + nCr an – r br + …….. nCbn = r=0n nC an-rbr
bisect to divide exactly in half
bisector the line that divides the angle, line, figure, etc in half
bivariate data data with more two variables: eg height and weight- often presented on scatterplots
box and whisker plot a plot to summarise basic statistics. The ‘whiskers’ show the minimum and maximum scores and the ‘box’ shows the lower quartile Q1, the median and the upper quartile, Q3

boundary the outside of a shape, or perimeter
braces { } Have the same function as parentheses (). Often used to supersede other brackets and parentheses. eg:   {a + [x(2 + y) – z]}
brackets [ ] Have the same function as parentheses (). Often used just to help discriminate between multiple use of parentheses for ease of reading.
breadth width

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