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Welcome To Maths Made Easy

Maths Made Easy has been teaching NSW children ranging from 3rd Grade in primary school to Year 12 Extension I in high school since 1995.

With twenty years of experience in one-on-one based tutoring, we have moved into the world of the Internet where access to help with homework is available online as well.

The primary goal is to be able to create a site where members can place their questions and a qualified tutor will provide a worked solution/explanation, not just the solution for the student to copy out, but an extensive and detailed solution, explaining the steps and common mistakes.

Students will have access to the boards to place their own questions, or to read and learn from previous questions already posted.  As the forum grows, we hope for it to become an extensive database for both students and parents to help with understanding homework.

It is not just for the students though, for the parents too, offering detailed explanations to help them help their children as well. Maths has changed in some of its methodology and it is very common for mum and dad’s methods to be quite different from the method that they are teaching now in the schools. Maths Made Easy can be a valuable resource for parents as well as students.

The primary administrator and manager has a degree in Psychology, Philosophy and Mathematical Statistics from The University of Sydney and has been teaching mathematics for over twenty five years now.

The site will grow to meet student needs as they arise, and the NSW syllabus changes, reflecting up to date student needs. For further information on maths made easy and subscription information you can contact us here.


Over 25 years of experience teaching maths from 3rd grade through to Extension 1 HSC levels
Although the maths content hasn’t changed much over the years, Maths Made Easy at www.math.net.au keeps up to date with syllabus changes, so the students always have the most current information and resources.
We believe we should fit students needs, not the other way around, and our support system is oriented to be flexible and serve student needs.

Our Happy Students

Maths Made Easy saved my life, never would have survived the HSC without it!
Susanna, Quakers Hill
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